Washing your hands isn’t a choice

Take a seat and let me tell you a story. My colleague and I were in the toilet at the same time. We both walked out of the toilet cubicles we were in and proceeded to walk in different directions. I walked to the sink to wash my hands whilst she walked straight out. I then went to the kitchen and saw her preparing some food and a drink.


People think it’s bizarre I don’t sit on public toilet seats, use tissues to open doors and carry hand sanitiser at all times, but my experience today reminded me that people are just disgusting.

How dare you wipe you genitals and not wash your hands? You may like the taste of your own faecal matter with a sprinkle of urine, but I’m good thanks. It’s unacceptable and completely out of order and people like that can’t sit with me. If personal hygiene and good hygienic practices are not high on your list of priorities, we can never be friends. And before people ask, this really is my hand sanitiser. May God bless us all.

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