The positive correlation between high blood pressure and a MOT

I had my MOT done today and the mechanic created a whole heap of problems that I know weren’t an issue.
To entertain myself I humoured him and asked for a quote. My guy wrote down £300 plus VAT on a piece of paper and slid it across the table. I sighed and told him that wasn’t happening. He tried to laugh and smile at me but as I have to drag my legs to work, I’m not about to waste money on unnecessary work. Thankfully we agreed on £120, so he’ll live to see another year.
I understand we’re all trying to make a living but these guys are actual bandits. What humours me is that he tried to sell me a servicing package. After trying to play me for a mug I thought: “he must think I’m a d**khead”. Suffice to say I politely declined and I’m now waiting for my car to be delivered. The only thing that makes this whole experience worse is that I’m hungry. Come to think about it, I’m actually hangry – hungry and angry. May God carry me through today and may he bless us all.
As always, apologies for any typos.

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