Deportation fears

This was never my life as I was a surprisingly well behaved kid until I was 16 years old. After 16….well, well, well…… For some strange reason, I foolishly told my AS General Studies teacher to go f**k herself because she asked me to do a presentation. I still maintain I was provoked.  

Funnily, I was sent home ‘cos my school didn’t suspend kids. When I was told I was being sent home, I started crying and my tears continued to flow on the 85 and 192 bus as I thought I was going to get a one way ticket to Sudan. Every non-British kid knew about the real threat of being sent back home. For some, home was a wonderful island. For me, home was a war torn country on the brink of a famine. Anyway, I got home, my mum asked me why I did it, so I explained myself. She told me that I needed to respect my teachers and told me to make dinner and that was the end of that. I know my mum felt deep shame, but thankfully she’s felt pride more times than shame when it comes to me. May God bless Sadia, one of the greatest mums.

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