#OfficePolitics / #SundayConfessions

Sunday night: a remimder you have less than 24 hours before you go to work to have conversations like these:

(1) Her: “can I borrow your foundation?” Me: “You’re white” Cue long awkward stares at each other. 



(2) After a 10 min discussion about the conflict in Syria, I asked my colleague why we were discussing this at 8.30am. She responded “you’re from Syria aren’t you?”. I chuckled and said “no, Sudan”. She retorted, “it starts with an ‘S’, so it’s kinda the same thing”. 



(3) Another colleague spoke to me in a Caribbean accent, so I asked why they were doing that as I’m not from the Caribbean. They said it’s all the same thing. I told them S.Sudan is closer to India, so they started speaking to me in an Indian accent.


(4) “Is Italy is near North America?”


( 5) When asked who they admired, they said: “Jesus Christ, as he walked on water”.


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