Appraisal season

It’s appraisal season soon and whilst I have nothing to worry about, I do have development areas:
(1) Stop pretending I can’t speak English to avoid small talk.


(2) Avoid saying “the number you have dialled has not been recognised, please check and dial again” when people who are too lazy to do their own work ask for help. I should be professional and advise them to speak to their manager if they’re struggling.


(3) Pretending it’s against my religious beliefs to shake someone’s hand because I’m concerned about their personal hygiene. I should just sanitise afterwards.


(4) Avoid using my food in tolerances as an excuse not eat the food some bring in to share. I should be honest and let them know their food is struggling to win the battle against E-coli.


(5) When in the lift, avoid looking someone in the eye when they’re running for it whilst making no attempt to keep the doors open.


(6) Be invested in the conversation when someone talks about the bland food that tantalised their subpar taste buds. Salt and pepper are seasonings to some.


(7) When someone says I look like a random black celeb, thank them and let them know the black community thanks them for their sharp observation.


(8) Stop tapping my watch when people want to discuss work outside of my contracted hours.


(9) When in meetings and my manager asks if I have any questions, I avoid responding with “could this have been sent by email?”.


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