Routine checks

Please note, I’m here for the banter (sometimes), the knowledge (the overwhelming majority of the time) and the progression of society (all of the time), but I’m not here to disabuse people of their fanciful thoughts that racism is over. 

Just for your reference: the brutality is not new (it’s quite pernicious), however camera phones and social media are. Sadly, the videos shared on social media don’t give credence to what we’ve spoken about for generations, and aren’t used as evidence to get an arrest, never mind a conviction. They just serve as a traumatic reminder that we’re an endangered species, without the protection that an endangered species receives – RIP Harambe.

Some people believe police brutality is exclusive to the USA, so they watch the videos and thank their God that they live in the UK. To you, please understand extrajudicial killings by law enforcers occur here, they just seldom make national news. Instead, we’re repeatedly told to be vigilant around blacks because they’ll rob you and Muslims because they’re all plotting to kill us. If that was true, we’d all be broke and dead. Instead, it seems you’re more likely to be taken out the game of life by a public servant who believes we’re playing Tekken 2 on the Playstation 1.

What happened in Dallas is tragic and horrific, but please miss me with the #BlueLivesMatter narrative, especially if you’ve been silent in the past two days – you’re part of the problem. Pick up your misplaced outrage, dust it off and direct it where it actually matters. Cop killers feel the force of the law, whilst killer cops enjoy impunity. All lives should matter, except they don’t if you’re an ethnic minority, Muslim, refugee, gay etc.

Let’s face facts, the skin which I receive compliments about, is the very skin which evokes fear in some. Stating #BlackLivesMatter doesn’t mean other lives don’t – there’s no exclusion of other races, we’re just focusing on this right now and this monolithic society must change faster. I shouldn’t have to apologise for my skin colour, my brothers shouldn’t have to speak in a higher octave to be less threatening, my sisters shouldn’t feel less than for their appearance and my children shouldn’t fear for their lives when there’s a ‘routine check’.

To some of you, note your privilege and don’t invalidate other peoples experiences because it’s not yours. Acknowledge your privilege and don’t be the person who blames the victim for the crimes of their oppressors. Also, don’t appropriate cultures but disappear when the lives of the people of that culture are on the line.

Despite the daily jokes, I do this fight everyday. Let this be clear: I am my brother’s keeper.

I know some of you were waiting for a joke, there isn’t one, but on a slightly lighter note, congratulations to France, the first African team to make it to the final of the Euros.

As always, apologies for any typos.

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